$1,200 - covers all costs and fees

Cost-Effective, Efficient, and Hassle-Free Divorce

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Providing legal representation for clients seeking uncontested divorces at a minimal fee.

The service we provide is targeted specifically for spouses who are interested in pursuing a complete and final divorce in the most cost-effective, efficient, and hassle-free way. It is because the parties have determined that it is in their best interest to cooperate with one another in this process that allows The Simmons Law Firm to keep our fee at a minimum. However, our attorneys can only endorse pursuing a no-fault divorce from a legal perspective after coming to an understanding of the facts of your particular case. In general, if the parties can cooperate with one another with the issues involved in a divorce, our approach to the law is that such cooperation is in the best legal interest of everyone involved.

The goal of Virginia No Fault Divorce is to minimize the expense of divorce with parties who have decided that it is in their respective best interests to come to an agreement on the collateral issues to their divorce. By using our service you will be represented by an attorney licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia to procure your divorce.