$1,200 - covers all costs and fees

Are you eligible?

In order to maintain our low fee, only certain spouses are eligible for services at this rate. Please take a minute to study our eligibility guidelines to determine if you are eligible. If you have any questions, please call or email us.

You are eligible if you meet the following requirements:

  1. All issues regarding the distribution of marital property and spousal support must be agreed upon.
  2. Child Custody and Child Support must be agreed upon.
  3. You and your spouse were married in the Commonwealth of Virginia, or you have lived in the Commonwealth of Virginia as Husband and Wife in excess of one year.
  4. At least one Party must presently live in the Commonwealth of Virginia and continue to live in the Commonwealth of Virginia throughout the divorce proceedings.
  5. You must have frequent and reliable access to email, telephone, and the internet. Almost all of our communication will be through the use of email, telephone, and videoconferencing.
  6. You and your spouse must have agreed to the process of divorce as defined herein.
  7. You cannot presently be a probationer with any court.
  8. You or your spouse cannot presently be incarcerated in any detention center.
  9. You or your spouse cannot presently be under any significant mental incapacity.